Friday, December 30, 2011

I will eventually do something with this blog other than comic art and illustration, but not yet apparently.

This is really just me showing off a real gem that I was lucky enough to acquire this year. The image above is a digitally colored version of an ink commission I got from Ulises Farinas. This is really stellar. It was Ulises' idea all the way but I requested that he include a few items as well, first and foremost the stones from The Fifth Element. I would get another from Ulises and I have a few ideas, but really, what could follow this?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I guess there are a few things I want to accomplish with this blog. My first goal, of course, is that it is interesting and worth its' existence and that any time spent reading these words be valued after viewing. I doubt I will ever accomplish this goal to my satisfaction, but that is what goals are for, after all. I have 4 or 5 distinct types of posts I want to make here, and we'll have to see how my goals for those very different things turn out as we go along. As you can see in my inaugural post, my original comic art collection will get some play here for sure. A few days ago I was lucky to get some art in the mail from Ben Caldwell (The Dare Detectives, the Wonder Woman strip in WEDNESDAYS COMICS) and this was one of the 2 pieces.

It is 11X17 in pencil and is Ben's interpretation of Asgardian Storm, originally drawn by Art Adams. I like to get this character drawn by my favorite artists at conventions and have almost 20 now posted on comic art fans. As expected, Ben made it his own and really gave me a nice piece of art. I hope the scan comes out well. THANKS BEN! See you at NYCC next year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First time for everything!

Okay, since I am joining Cannonball Read this year in support of the wife, mswas, I decided to post my reviews on my own blog and maybe add in some other things. So this post is a test, and since I have a few other things why not start with one of them now as well. As a test.

That is a wonderful drawing Sean Chen did for me on 5X17 bristol board. It is the fifth one Sean has done for me, and they are all fantastic. I get these at comic conventions and he was the first one I asked to draw one, and after three years of getting them Sean utilizes the space better than anyone else so far. I have some online on comic art fans . com and some will debut here from now on. But I had to start with one from Sean Chen, who still manages to smile graciously when he sees me coming! Thanks again Sean! See you soon!