Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First time for everything!

Okay, since I am joining Cannonball Read this year in support of the wife, mswas, I decided to post my reviews on my own blog and maybe add in some other things. So this post is a test, and since I have a few other things why not start with one of them now as well. As a test.

That is a wonderful drawing Sean Chen did for me on 5X17 bristol board. It is the fifth one Sean has done for me, and they are all fantastic. I get these at comic conventions and he was the first one I asked to draw one, and after three years of getting them Sean utilizes the space better than anyone else so far. I have some online on comic art fans . com and some will debut here from now on. But I had to start with one from Sean Chen, who still manages to smile graciously when he sees me coming! Thanks again Sean! See you soon!

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