Monday, March 5, 2012

Katie Cook - Starman Family Portrait

A little before Christmas Katie Cook opened her commission list for the first time in a long time. Really, she did. Really. She did. Go check, it is still open. But lucky me, I had previously discussed a commission with Katie of Starman and Nash and both of their fathers in a sort of perverted family portrait.
Left to right: David (deceased); Ted; Jack; Nash, with baby Kyle Theo; The Mist; Kyle (deceased)

So when her commission list opened up I made sure I was on it (I was) and we went with the 2 Starman / 2 Mist idea, baby included as well of course. Shortly thereafter I asked her to include the dead brothers and she graciously added them for no extra moolah. Watta gal. So as you can see above, The Starman family Portrait came out really well. As Katie told me when I last ehassled her about finishing it up, "the dead brothers sparkle", and they do. It is a nice touch, even if the scan fails to pick up the glitter in the paint.

So thank you Katie Cook! See you this summer! (Molly is dying to get Ron and Hagrid added to her Harry Potter piece!)

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