Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Comic Art Want List

As tough as it may be for me, I am going to try to make this brief. Although technically qualified, I am nowhere near the BSD range with regards to my comic art collection. I am not a guppy in this pond, but neither am I a shark. I swim in the mid-range pool. Nonetheless, I have lofty goals for the coming year(s). My previous want list is about this long:

1) Starman pages, any and all from the James Robinson run
        especially Starman 15 page 20
2) Dr. Strange double page spread by P Craig Russell from Ultimate Spider-Man Super Stories
3) Showcase '94/'95 pages featuring The Shade by Matt Smith
4) Chris Bachalo Amazing Spider-Man 555 pages with Dr. Strange
5) Paul Smith - the Golden Age pages, especially pages 68-70 in the trade (page 69 please!). This is Book Two, pages 10-12.
6) More Dan Green paintings from Into Shamballa
7) Another Dr. Strange Paul Smith commission. List was full last I checked, so what can you do.
8) More from Dr. Strange 170 by Dan Adkins. I have a 3rd page 50% paid off and want as many as I can ideally! Yes, I am a pack rat at times with these things.

Now I am still interested in those items. But now I also have my eye set on some truly spectacular, and significantly more costly, art. I would love to own the following items.

A Frank Miller page -maybe even a great one. I would prefer something from Elektra Lives Again or perhaps a page from Dark Knight Strikes Again with the DC superheroes featured. Lance Blastoff even. But really nice. The Elektra stuff is my ideal but he does some great work in many many different books.

A great Barry Windsor Smith page from Storyteller. I am looking at a real wonderful image and it would be the biggest purchase ever for me. Soon. Not now I think, but soon enough.

Art Adams commission - Another case of not now but eventually. The time and money must align, and the above may come first, but this will also happen should I continue to exist into the next decade.

A second, and then third, fourth, etc. page from Dracula 44 featuring Dr. Strange by the legendary art team of Gene Colan and Tom Palmer. I tend to enjoy the Paul Smith, Marshall Rogers, Frank Brunner, and P Craig Russell Docs above Colan's, but this storyline could be the high mark for the character of Dr. Strange for me.

As I said before, I believe in creating your own destiny. I get only a few readers here, but I am grateful for the viewing and do not underestimate the power and effect of just one reader. So there it is.

Maybe someday I will seriously shoot for a Steve Ditko Dr. Strange page and really swing with the others. And before reaching that stage I would need to acquire some Alex Raymond, R. Crumb, Windsor McKay, and Frank Frazetta work. Maybe even a little Wood and some more Williamson. But for now these are my goals in terms of comic art. And when I say for now, of course I mean the very minute I type this. Because as any collector knows, the next object of desire is very hard to predict.

I mean, I have college for 2 coming up. I have to be realistic. ;-)

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