Sunday, July 29, 2012

New comic art t-shirt - RUDY NEBRES DOC VS DRAC!!!

Earlier this month I blogged about getting some shirts made from my comic art. Well I need to keep the variety up because I wear them all weekend, every weekend, so far. So I got one from the art that inspired the idea in the first place. Check out the Rudy Nebres Dr. Strange versus Dracula, feasting on the Scarlet Witch no less!

No smartass comments about the model, folks!

Check my other posts for the original (Thanks to Rudy, with isn't online himself in any way, shape, or form - so he will never see this but thanks are due!) and the colored versions (Thanks Gerry!).

I am not sure what is up next. Maybe I will look over the 20 or so designs I have already made and get another one now. In fact I am pretty sure I will. I have 2 or 3 ones that really excite me but they are fall and winter shirts so those can't be next. I think maybe the Zappa by Rick Geary, but I haven't settled on if Lyle Lovett should be on there as well. And if he is, who is front and who is back. Choices are the most fun though, so it is a good problem to have. Maybe I will wait on that then and think it over. Something else then in the meantime? Hmmmmm.....

OH! Since we are here we chould clear something up. One of those other shirts is not pink. It is red. And it came out so much better than was conveyed by my horrible pictures of it. So I took a scan of one side and wanted you to see it in its' glory.

Yeah, it may be wrinkled but it still looks sweet, no?

Not in all its' glory as the other side is awesome as well and you don't know that by the picture, but you get the idea now.

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