Thursday, August 30, 2012

LONG LIVE THE KING! Belated Birthday wishes to the late great Jack kirby!

Okay, if you have read this blog you know I am nuts. Certifiably crazy. Over comic book art. And it is not only universally accepted but also damn true that Jack Kirby was the King of Comics. Now Johnny Carson may have taken offense to that title when Jack was on The Tonight Show, but that don't make it any less true. And although Jack Kirby shuffled off this mortal coil (been using that one a lot lately) some time ago, his work and his influence remain as strong as ever. So I thought I would post my piece of original comic art drawn by The King.

Jack Kirby Captain America 196 page inked by D. Bruce Berry (1976)
It may be just a story page, but it is so clearly Kirby I had to have it. those rocks, the faces, some tech, and what almost looks like Kirby krackle on the helmet in panel 4. Who else could make so much out of so little? Don't bother replying to that question because the answer is NO ONE!

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