Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two new commissions from Thony Silas - Asgardian Storm and Dr. Strange

Yeah, whodathunkit? Jack Knight seems to be my third choice lately when I need to choose a character for an artist to draw. Dr. Strange has always been #1 and now Asgardian Storm, aka Storm as Thor, seems to be my 2nd go to girl. Asgardian Storm was designed by Art Adams and is essentially Storm with the power of Thor, which she obtains by holding the hammer. I tend to give artists leeway on the costume, but the Art Adams' design is so wonderful most enjoy drawing that fairly faithfully.

I have been having fun on the collector's society forum lately, and a thread entitled "never heard of him" contained some work by Thony Silas and you know what? I had never heard of him! Now normally I steer clear of those without professional credits but it turns out that Thony has some, and the work was so good I had to jump right on it even if he had not.

First choice, Doc and Clea. What do you think of this?

Dr. Strange & Clea by Thony Silas

I know, right? (*said in best Craig Ferguson imitation)

And if that isn't badass enough I got this as well.

Asgardian Storm by Thony Silas

I mean, is this guy good or what? Yeah, I thought so. Now go get your own. He is on deviant art. Tell him you seen it here first!


(That closing salutation is an inside joke to the wife, Bonnie. I normally say "tippy tae on the sippy sie")

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