Thursday, October 11, 2012

NYCC acquisitions #1 Tom Raney - Dr. Strange, into the hands of Eternity

I don't think that I will show everything I got today at NYCC all at once. Five pieces of art, and one of them cost more than 99% of the other things I own. I got a Mignola cover from Mike. Not Hellboy but a Witchfinder cover and I love it. I looked through his portfolio and when I turned the page I knew one of the two pieces I was looking at would be the one for me. I passed on the cheaper one and bought the other. Mike said he liked it especially when he took it out for me. I have to decide when I want to show this off, but today is not the day.  The wife was NOT impressed and thought it should be more overwhelming. She thought it should be a painting for that kind of money. Gotta love her, she puts up with me, but she is wrong on this one. It is a real gem. Not spectacular, but such a wonderful example of Mike's balanced work. Tons of yin and a boatload of yang.

A few people were gracious enough to withstand my assault of "look what I got". Scott Adsit was one of them This makes the second time we have spoken. The first was also at NYCC, last year, and I saw he had a sketchbook with him and could not pass up the chance to see the treasures within. Yes, it was the league sketchbook and today I learned Dave Johnson and Matteo Scalera have drawn in it and Scott has yet to see what lies within. He seems so nice that I actually think he deserves all that glorious art. He was nice enough to say something like "nice talking to you again" when we parted. Classy. Too classy for me to ask him what Tina Fey smells like. I would really like to know. So Scott, on the off chance you read this, sometime soon when the opportunity arises take a deep inhale and sample the fine Fey bouquet. Crystallize the aroma in your brain for verbal download next year at the show.

So after maybe 15 minutes my NYCC 2012 was essentially over. My goal was to find some art to buy and when Mike said he had a portfolio of stuff for sale I knew the time was right. All ride home I wondered if I had done the right thing but when I laid it out on the table with the other stuff from tonight I was so glad dat I done did what I done did.

So that other stuff, yeah. Look at this.

Dr. Strange, into the hands of Eternity by TOM RANEY, 2012

What a wonderful piece. You may not have noticed the hand of Eternity, so look again. Freaking Kirby Krackle is so effective and so cool. I have gotten a bunch of homages to the Michael Golden Dr Strange portfolio and this homage to Plate 5 is a keeper. I liked it right away, but now I love it. Doc's cape is swiggity sweet, and that hand is so cool. Eternity's headgear is done well, and that can be tricky. Tom Raney is a real gem in the industry and I hope he continues to find comic work for as long as he seeks it.

I will show another piece or maybe even two later in the week. Back to the show tomorrow.

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