Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Art Day - Darryl Banks commission

I have gotten a few commissions from Darryl Banks. I got one Starman, but may not get any more. Nothing against Jack Knight, I love the character, but Darryl says his favorite character is Dr. Strange, and it shows when he draws him. Here is the newest commission I got from Darryl, Doc against Dracula, with Clea playing the helpless female role. (Hey, it is Dracula after all.)

Darryl Banks commission

I have been getting Doc vs Drac commissions for a year or two and have a few now. The Nebres is in a class by itself. but that one above is just so nice as well. Recently I been giving artists a female to include, and although many choose Clea that is fine by me. So thank you to Darryl Banks for the great art and fantastic service!

Here is another that Darryl has done for me. (I can't find the other scans as my old computer died. I have backups galore but finding stuff is another matter entirely.) this first one is an homage to the Michael Golden Dr. Strange portfolio from the early 1980s. This commission homages the cover of the portfolio.

Michael Golden portfolio cover homage by Darryl Banks

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