Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Comments, or lack thereof

I wonder sometimes why I do not receive comments on this blog. I try to engage the occasional person who honors me with a comment, but it never leads to more comments from them or from others.

Why is this?

See what I tried to do there?

Anyway, I would love to have an honest, fun and engaging dialogue in the comments section if anyone cares to go at it. I would love comments from readers out there to the comments, not even to me. I would really enjoy more discussion about original comic art, or whatever else  is on your mind as you read my posts. It can be related to the posts or not. Whatever. I would love to listen and hopefully learn a little as well.

I got 74 hits today so far. Someone seems to be reading. I used to get a steady 5-15 per day until I started posting more regularly. Lesson learned there. So I will post and hope someone reads and will be pleased as punch should someone comment.

And thank you to those of you who have commented in the past. I enjoyed reading them and I hope to hear from you all again. Each and every one of you!


Jim S. said...

I am enjoying reading your posts and what constitutes a top 50 piece for you. I am not a big fan of commissions so I am saving my comments for more published pieces :)

fedres said...

Glad to hear from you Jim S.! I was once a much bigger fan of commissions than I am now, but still have a ton of really wonderful ones.