Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here Comes New York Comic Con

So with the birth of The Fifty, my permanent collection which I hope to frame and look at for the rest of my life until death arrives on my 100th birthday on 11/29/2066, comes a change in the way I approach the comic conventions I attend. In fact, I am almost wondering why I attend at all anymore!

New York Comic Con is coming up and is being held the four days prior to Columbus Day this year. When the original art bug hit me I was already attending conventions. I remember getting 23 quality pieces at a Philadelphia show and 15 pieces a show was the norm. I am thinking 3-5 would be a great show this year.

The major piece I am hoping for is a commission from an artist I have never met before and is new to NYCC as far as I know. I won't reveal the name until after the show but he responded to an email already and will be doing some work at the show. He also said he may take some home after the show if I want something more intricate, and I do. I have always been a fan of this man but he is not really known for his comics work, although I am indeed a fan of said comics work. He can do whimsy really well but I am wary of getting Dr Strange in a whimsical setting. I may go more dark. He also said that he would have a price sheet with a range of detail, size, and medium.

There is a chance I will try to get something worthy of The Fifty. Something expensive I guess. I may go smaller and more intimate, it depends on what we get to talking about when I commission is really. I already provided a possible idea and he asked a question or two in response so I hope we can arrive at an commission that really sizzles.

So that will be my one planned major purchase for the 2013 NYCC. I was going to get another Sienkiewicz but at this expect that a panel page or two may get in the way. Besides, I got a Sienkiewicz that beats the shit out of anything I ever got from him before, and I got some good but not quite great ones from him in the past trust you me, so I don't think I need to push my luck at this point in time. I will be hounding two other artists but they are both quite familiar with such behavior from me. Andy MacDonald is a NYC artist who really blows me away with his art. I have a few commissions from Andy and at least 25 con sketches. Att his point the problem is finding something for him to draw more than deciding if I want more, because yes I do. Andy will always be welcome to my money if he is drawing for cash and I am there. Plain and simple. He has done three Starman commissions and my plan was to have every character in the series eventually in a commission, seven at a time with Jack always present as well. He hasn't been choosing that option in the last few years so that plan may never come to fruition. Doesn't matter, because I have a ton of commission ideas for Andy to draw. I think I may set one up at the show too come to think of it. I will try for a sketch each day I am at the show, so we will see what Andy comes up with for me.

The other artist in my sites will be Sean Chen. He does those 17X5 strips for me like no ones business so I will definitely be getting one more at this years show. Spider-Man and Dr. Strange is at the top of the list but Sean will also have a choice or two to decide from. If I can get two at the show I will be in heaven, regardless of what else is in store for me. Two more Chen 17X5s would really make me happy. Genuinely happy if you can believe it.

No Cheung. Probably not a Darrow. The guy at More Great Art has a few real talents doing commissions for MYCC pickup but not for me. I am not going that way anymore. I hope to arrange a purchase or two at this Sunday's Comic Art Con and then pick them up at NYCC next month.

Now if there are no pages I am really hot for...Billy da'Sienk may indeed be slinging and scratching ink for me. And Paul Pope, I would be a fool to pass on a chance at a Paul Pope. Otherwise, it's Andy, Sean and the mystery man for me!

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