Monday, September 23, 2013

Yearly Sale Announcement

I have sent a few things, 40 in total now after dropping a few more off at the comic art con yesterday, to Comic Link for consignment in their auctions. I am taking seriously my commitment to seriously enhance my collection through selling and using the proceeds to accumulate better, albeit more expensive, pieces.

I eliminated ebay when I decided upon comic link. And now I think I will limit my comic link a bit but I will still be using them as long as things continue to go so smoothly. And they have gone smoothly. But I want to do some myself. And I should sell in a more organized fashion. And I want some fun. It should be fun.

I like the yearly New Year's Eve sale that Roger Clark usually has. He gets me some good art every year in fact. I thought I was done with him 2 years ago and then I got two great pieces this last sale. So I think I will do something like that.

Starting this year I will hold a sale from my comic art collection on my birthday every year. I will announce the specifics soon enough, but I will offer 20-50 items for sale for one day only. If they do not sell, it will be okay with me as this will be stuff not going to auction houses or on CAF in my for sale folders. I will offer items I hope do not sell in fact. I will offer Starman pages. I will offer Dr. Strange pages. A little of everything just about. But I will be whittling the collection soon enough.

 November 29 - the first annual Feed the Fifty sale. Specifics to follow.


xraysteve said...

That is a great idea. I like Roger Clark's year end sale too. I thought having a similar sale but I am never that happy with my pricing. Good luck wit your sale.

fedres said...

Thanks xraysteve! My pricing sucks as well, but that is the beauty of a one day sale-if it does not sell no one knows anyway after a few days!