Sunday, October 27, 2013

Darwyn Cooke and The Fifty

I have loved this piece since I bought it at the first Wonder Woman Museum auction (then Wonder Woman Day and now Women of Wonder day I think).

Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman

It is a blue pencil piece but was good enough to be published in The Absolute New Frontier. That was after I bought it, hehe. It really captures everything great about Darwyn's rendition of this classic character. I love the thickness of the female form, the unabashed proud warrior aspect, and the killer costuming. It is just a wonderful piece.

So it was never a doubt about it making The Fifty. What was a surprise was the ranking I gave it. I changed the rankings around a bit when this one went in. So here we go with the latest list.

The Fifty
1  BWS Storyteller Young Gods page 4
2  Tony Harris / Ray Snyder Dr. Strange WIRED Magazine cover
3  Gene Colan / Tom Palmer Tomb of Dracula 44 page 1 splash
4  Simon Bisley Dr. Strange vs The Mindless Ones
5  JHW3 Milestone Forever pinup
6  Dan Green Dr. Strange: Into Shamballa splash
7  Bill Sienkiewicz Superman 400 pinup recreation
8  Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman blue pencil pinup
9  Dan Adkins Dr Strange 170 page 11
10  Anna Merli Clea
11  JH Williams 3rd / Mick Gray Promethea 24 double page spread
12  Rudy Nebres - Dr. Strange, Dracula & The Scarlet Witch
13 Mitchell Bretweiser Dr. Strange watercolor

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