Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feed The Fifty Yearly Sale (11/29/2013) ...Some Random Thoughts That Surprised Even Me!

I had a lot of fun this weekend thinking about my upcoming megasale on my birthday, November 29th. I am having the first sale this year and intend to have one every year on or around my birthday. I may have a half-birthday sale as well. Who knows? Not I. The details are fluid and will remain so but let it be known that. my wife celebrates half-birthdays in her family and I may use that tradition if I don't want to go to Comic Link or wait until my birthday rolls around again.

A few things seem to be settled though. I will have a website, a sort of online pop-up store. My wife is a web designer for Rutgers University, the best web designer for Rutgers, and she has agreed to build one to my simple specs. I intend to have the art online and the website live for a one day preview until 10 pm. During the preview there will be no prices but offers will be considered. Then on 12:01 am November 29th the art will go live with prices. Hopefully a few pieces will sell and I will have some birthday money. The sale will last for one day and at midnight it is over. I will not sell the items after the sale. That is the point of this thing. I would never send these items to an auction house. But once a year I will place things up for sale that I would not otherwise consider selling.

I have been told that my prices are high, but then again the person who told me that prices his stuff very high in my opinion. I think that most of us in the original comic art hobby think our prices are fair and everyone else's, with the exception of Roger Clark of course, are high. I myself only recently cast off the one belief most collectors suffer from...that the price I paid should inform the price I sell it for. These pieces will be fairly priced in my mind, although if the price is $420 that may be less true. $420 pieces are a special thing in my sale, and will represent pieces I probably wish no one buys. Starman pieces will not be market value in all cases. Mitch Byrd pages can be had for a song but you won't get any Starman pages,by any artist, for less than $150. Gotta protect the market and all that. (joking there)

Whether it sells or not is one thing, but I went kind of crazy putting art in the for sale category this weekend. At one point I had over 50 items just from Starman alone. Then for a bit I was going to offer 47 items for sale on my 47th birthday, so I deleted many Starman items from the list. Now I think I will offer around 50-75 items for sale. So far the cheapest piece is $42 and the most expensive is $3250. Prices may change though.

I will leave you with this thought though. I have a list of art now for sale in my mind. That means I am more open to selling those pieces than I have ever been. So if you want to make an offer on something in my collection (see the CAF link upper right part of this blog), now is the time. And speaking of time, time payments are possible.

I want a Frank Miller. I want an Art Adams commission. I want a Steranko commission. I want I want i want I want i want I want I want i want. So I gotta sell. Make me an offer, I bet I surprise you.

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