Sunday, October 20, 2013

Groovin' to the tuneage

Yes, I still love and use the word groovy.

But anyway...I have had so much fun lately listening to music I thought I would tell ya all about it. Right now I am listening to the David Crosby 3 disc Voyage  box set as I type this. Disc Two. Normally this is the last disc I would listening to of this set, but I am grooving on it right now. "In My Dreams" is playing.

Not too long ago one of our two computers crashed. Itunes is fucked and I really have not been able to assemble the music library I had before the crash. We recovered a lot but in the interim I had to groove as well on the other computer, so now I have two different music libraries on two different computers now. And on the other computer, the one playing "Compass" now, I started downloading the 500 or so CDs the wife and I have accumulated in the last few decades. It has been a while since I heard many of these. I mean, when was the last time you listened to "Anthem of the Sun". Or "Ghost in the Machine".  And that got me thinking, so I have been listening to the albums from beginning to end in most cases. It has been a blast, and I have extended it to my music listening in the car and at my desk at work.

Talking Heads "Remain In Light". That one was a real blast. I have it in the car CD slot right now in fact. I am so thin. I'm too thin. I was listening to that album, which I have had for 20+ years in one form or another, and thinking "wow, I didn't know Jerry Harrison could play like sounds more like"  Yeah, back when I bought and listened to the album in the 80s or 90s I had no clue what Adrian Belew brought to the band. Now I hear that album and realized they were so, so fortunate to have Belew comein and add guitar over top of their more rhythmic parts. He really carries stretches of the album with that wailing elephant squeel. You can even hear hints of Matte Kudasai in there. Committing myself to listening to the whole thing has really broadened my appreciation for the material on this one for sure. Like I said before, GROOVY.

I was listening to Disc three of Crosby Voyage box set at work the other day on my work computer. I angle the speakers right at me and keep them close as I share a large office with 2 others. The song doesn't matter (it was "Laughing") but as it was ending I heard a quiet and really nice, pure and high harmony from a female voice. I wondered who it was and looked up the track on Wikipedia...Joni Mitchell. The band was Crosby, Lesh, Garcia (pedal steel), Kreutzman, Nash, and Mitchell. Pure magic. Reading about that band was one of the benefits of my new habit.

"Arrows" is playing now. Beautiful song.

There are albums I have listened to continuously for decades that have songs I have not heard in years. I mean, who listens to "The Heart of Me" anymore? Or "Our House". I mean, why would I ever listen to "Teach Your Children" again if I wasn't tied down? But listen I did. And it was good.

I've heard all of "The Other One". I've listened to all of Deadicated,not just the great ones. Dem voices tell me so. Dem voice.

I have listened to Zeppelin every month of my adult life, but the last time I listened to "In Through The Out Door" was probably 40 lbs ago. Same with Ummagumma and Piper At The Gates of Dawn. Meddle. Meddle is fantastic. I listen to "One of These Days" all the time but have not given the rest of the album a chance in many moon. I do listen to the golden years of Floyd complete all the time...Animals. Wish You Were Here. The Wall. Dark Side.

I am giving The Final Cut a wide berth still. I mean, I have only done about 50 albums so far!

Bitches Brew. Yeah, all of it at once. Then listen to Sketches of Spain to chill a bit. Or My Favorite Things.

Listening to Remain in Light, and Speaking In Tongues (A Top 15 desert island disc for sure!) as well, makes me sad for The Talking Heads. I never got to see them and think the creativity of that band was astounding and very very special. I will probably give (wow, working brain hard here) the movie one - had to look it up, True Stories - and Little Creatures a listen soon enough to see where it all went wrong. Reading a little about it I learned about an album without Byrne, No Talking, All Head. I may check that out as well. Come to think of it, I have Naked too. Cool. (I am finding "groovy" a bit cliche. Don't you agree?) There is a real good book in there. There may be a real good book in there about Belew himself. Heads, solo work, Zappa, King Crimson, The Bears, Bowie.

Geez, Bowie. I have been listening to more and more Bowie but not to much full albums yet. I tried to do it with Low but it just killed me.

Dream of the Blue Turtles. Wait wait what key is this in? Yes Love may be The Seventh Wave but I haven't given two shits about that wave for, apparently, too long, Because I sang along like a little hippy bitch.

All of Hair. The Broadway version, with Frank Mills and Going Down and all those tunes Milos blew off.

Well, I guess you get the idea. And the idea is that it has been a blast. I have enjoyed the music more and I have learned more about the musicians and the making of the music in many cases. So many more than I have mentioned too. Fagen. Yes (Time and a Word! Close to the Edge! Not just Fragile. 90125. Zappa and Hot Rats. Waka Jawaka. One Size Fits All. Good Stuff. Billy Joel.

The only problem I have is finding the time and deciding what's next! Tomorrow I think I will put aside some Devon Sproule and some Hendrix just in case.

That's right, think I'm gonna wait until tomorrow!

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