Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Head Exploding!

Yes, my head is exploding tonight. (That is an attempt at creative writing, not a euphemism or anything.)

I saw something tonight for sale that I must have. MUST, as in a collector must collect.

I don't really need it or anything. It is a material thing that will not change my life in any noticeable manner.

I must have it. I will move Earth, and comic art, to get it.

It would not be hard to look and find the piece I am talking about. The lone reader of this blog would likely know it when seen.

Thankfully the auction is not ending tonight.

And thankfully I have already consigned a significant chunk of art. Bid now, comic link fans. And I have already announced my birthday sale on November 29th.

In fact I was scanning art last night for this. As I told my wife, I would not be surprised if I sold $250 worth of art and I would not be surprised if I sold $15000 worth of art. The goal is the latter, but you never know. When I was scanning my art I passed a lot of pieces thinking I would need some things to sell next year as well. I would imagine most of what I list will not go anywhere as my pricing can be a little high, but if  you want the art this may be the chance as I will price it to move (hopefully, says misterhighpricer!).

For instance I intend to offer a large selection of Starman pages and cover(s?).

I won't reveal any more but that above factoid should get your attention. Some good stuff will be in there.

So like I said, my head exploded today when I was innocently surfing the web and now I can think of nothing else.

Like I said, I own it already. I just have to make that a reality. There was a time, and only very careful observers will know it has since passed, that you had to go through me to get any publicly offered Starman page or even Starman related art. If that art is drawn by Tony Harris this is still the case. But this piece I have my eye on makes the Starman pursuit feel petty,

Oh, I am gonna have that piece, born of the big bang in my brain tonight.

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