Saturday, October 26, 2013

Head Still Exploding....and general comic art thoughts, including The Fifty

Yes indeed, my head is still exploding. I now have two pieces that I would consider myself very lucky to own now being offered in the various upcoming comic art auctions. One piece is the piece that made me all weak-in-the-knees the other day and now I have seen another piece that thrills me as well.

That is always the challenge in collecting comic art. There have been so many different books over the years that the pickings are always plentiful. So when you are planning to buy one thing, and that usually involves saving money for me, another piece often becomes available. Hence the better and more expensive pieces have largely escaped my grasp to date, although the Fifty has changed that to a small degree. And it is easy to move one piece for another in most cases. That is the beauty of The Fifty; it forces me to make permanent decisions. I guess I could always switch pieces out of frames, but framing them makes them part of my home and my permanent collection. I have had six pieces framed so far,and they look great. I plan on sending 2 or 3 more out in the next month or so.

So now I am looking at two pieces in upcoming auctions that would be on the wall in frames pretty quickly. One has a place picked out already in fact! That one will draw attention but I expect to be able to handle all comers. I may prove to be wrong, but we will see. I will certainly make my interest known. The other piece is by a big name artist that will attract a ton of attention I would think. Should I be wrong and get outbid on the earlier piece I may have a few grand to throw at this second piece.

You see, I may not have any money available for these purchases right now but the auctions all end after my planned inaugural birthday sale. On November 29th I will offer 100-150 pieces of comic art for sale - Starman covers and pages; Dr. Strange pages, sketches, and pinups; as well as assorted comic art grooviness. So surely I can generate a little cash for one or both of these items, no? I have already made my Frank Miller payment money in the comic link auction so this birthday sale will be my last chance of the year to generate cash for a big piece. Otherwise it will be Bechara at the Mike Carbo show in March until I attempt another sizeable purchase. So I think the birthday sale and these auctions are a great time for me to pull another 40-pieces-sold-to-buy-one-great-piece maneuver. It worked, not as well as I would have hoped, in the recent comiclink crap auction but if not for a few larger private sales I would not have been able to seal the deal for the Frank Miller piece coming up. So I am hoping to do it again, as well as pay a bill or two.

Again, I guess we will have to wait and see!

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