Saturday, October 12, 2013

NYCC - Oh Yeah! continued

So after finding a nice FM page I settled terms with Mitch and made off. I have not yet paid anything, for now at least, and Mitch still has the page, for now, so no scans or anything.

I don't think I mentioned it but I had to take off my hoodie when I got to the Graphic Collectibles table. Yeah it was hot but looking at the art and realizing I had the option of purchasing something made me flush. I had to take a moment and regroup.


So with that accomplished I made my way out of town and off to the suburb of Artists' Alley. I had to track down my number one target, the secret commission I was hoping for - David Wenzel. I am off to dinner in a few so google his talented ass and you will see why I was excited to see his name among the guests. I have never seen David Wenzel before, and I have been going to cons for 20 plus years. So I knew I needed some money for something from this man,and sure enough I found him relatively alone still putting out his wares. I was second in line and eventually introduced myself when number one in line got overwhelmed by the choices and stepped aside for a bit. David remembered out email exchange and exclaimed "but I have never drawn Dr Strange!" I told him that was okay and that I was not going to be a slave to costume or anything. We agreed on a limited watercolor that I will pick up Sunday. I also think I will likely get an at-home commission next year for the living room wall. I am tempted for a real magic scene with Dr.Strange but how can I pass on a giant "Death of Smaug" or "Bilbo takes the Ring of One from Gollum" painting?

So hopefully tomorrow I acquire a David Wenzel watercolor of Dr. Strange. Look for it next week.

I have only one other acquisition to pick up,a pre-arranged commission from Tom Raney. I have dropped most convention sketches and more simple commissions from my target sights, but Tom is one of three guys (Andy MacDonald and Sean Chen the others) whom I see frequently on the scene and who still do it for me.Not good value for the art, just plain old good art. So I will give that cats my cash anytime they are slinging ink for hire.

Okay, expect another report after tomorrow as there are always surprises, some disappointment, and maybe unexpected rewards!

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