Monday, October 28, 2013

Wow, the coins are selling!

You know, I try and sell my comic art all the time with various degrees of success. I guess knowing the market makes it harder to just let stuff go. I say that because the coins I am selling are flying out the door. At first it was no response at all,but soon enough they seem to be finding their market. I know I priced them to sell, and I usually price my comic art to keep or to tease but rarely to sell.

So the two American Eagle silver bullion coins sold quickly and they were the most expensive of the lot. Well, one sold and one is selling with a bid on ebay. Then the four later year mint sets sold, quickly followed by the Eisenhower dollars. Well, at least an order for the Eisenhowers but since then nothing. I have no reason to doubt the woman will be back, I am just a little anxious so I check for replies fairly often. A new 21st century source of Sloth, the checking for replies.

So I have 7 items left for sale right now. I may add in a really nice 1922 Liberty dollar, but I have to research the grades because she is a beauty. This first batch of coins is a recent acquisition, but the Liberty and some others are longtime possessions from my childhood coin fascination. But the seven items left are available for a reduced price if you take them all.

Check the link please if you are interested.

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