Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Comic Art Collecting Goals - Better Late Than Never!

Okay, last year I did this with a Top Ten type of want list thingee, so I will use that approach again. Although this is not in any particular order, more off the top of my head.

1.  As always I want some Tony Harris Starman, preferably one cover a year. I have already purchased two nice Harris Starman pieces, one of which is cover worthy so that would likely count as having met this goal. But I would still get more is everything aligned correctly.

2.  PCR Dr.Strange double page spread from Ultimate Spider-man Super Stories. This could be my ultimate grail.

3.  Dave Sim Glamourpuss/Death of Alex Raymond brush work piece. Dave was kind enough to mail me a prelim from a published panel in Glamourpuss featuring Alex Raymond and Stan Drake in the car of death and disfigurement, and as wonderful a gesture as that was and as wonderful a pencil piece as irt is, it is not enough. I need to get me some lush brushwork by Dave Sim and the sooner the better.

4.  Alex Raymond. Again, something featuring the brushwork of a master. I would prefer a page / piece / panel that has varied technique.

5.  Winsor McCay. I would love a Nemo but they are out of my price range, as is a Rare Bit Fiend. But his political illustrations are marvelous and I hope to find one that has that "KA-POW" effect on me and falls in my price range. That last statement is actually not as ridiculous as it may seem at first so maybe this year will be the year I get my McCay.

Last year I think I had all the strip artists in one catch-all wanted item. This year I have already purchased a nice, and relatively cheap, Al Capp L'il Abner daily. Here it is -

I haven't gotten around to talking about the content yet, so now is as good a time as any I guess. It is a Sadie Hawkins' Day strip. This strip is from 1940 and Capp invented Sadie Hawkins Day in L'il Abner in 1937. I didn't know it was only the third year at the time I first saw it, but when I saw the content and the faces of the characters I loved it right away. It certainly had that "KA-POW" on first reading. I guess I felt a bit like the guy in that third panel, huh? Anyway, I bought it that Sunday evening. I don't think it is fair to put it on the list or not but the fact remains I have it now and am no longer considering all strip artists as a group but now my wants are much more nuanced and individualized. I will continue to admire Al Capp and will continue to peruse the early Abner strips available for purchase in the possible hopes of acquiring another but having the one I have is enough for now in terms of Top Ten hopeful acquisitions for 2014.

6.  Tony Harris Dr. Strange Flight of Bones art. I consider this the best Harris art out there and am trying to get all of issues 1 and 2 of this miniseries. I would consider some of the Paul Chadwick pages from issues 3 and 4 but 1 and 2 are where it is at collecting-wise for me! This stuff grabs me when I look at it in my portfolios like nothing else, and I really love and appreciate owning some. I would prefer to own more and will even trade Harris Starman art for Harris Dr. Strange Flight of Bones stuff. The painted covers by Harris from this miniseries on CAF are my number 2 and 3 (one painting is actually 2 of the covers if I recall correctly) grail pieces behind the PCR above. having this item so low on this list is testament that it is off the top of my head and not in actual order, because then it would be #2.

7.  Hal Foster Prince Valiant. I would take some Tarzan if it fell into my lap, of course, but my goal in terms of Hal Foster would be Prince Valiant. I would love a whole strip but (un)fortunately many strips have been cut up and are sold as panels or perhaps tiers. These are the pieces I would be able to afford, and I would gladly settle for a cut up panel if it was drawn by Hal Foster! (Or at least I have to hope he drew some/most of it, as I have to do with my Al Capp piece.)

8.  Bill Everett Dr. Strange. I don't think I can afford it yet, but since I am a firm believer in the fact that visualizing making things happen increases their chance of actually happening (and since I am having a hard time getting to ten here) I will put this here. I love Bill Everett's work on Dr. Strange, it grabs me when I see the original art up close. KA-FREAKIN'-POW!

9.  Art Adams. I may try for that commission still, but I have been loving the New Mutants stuff coming out at auctions recently. There are always wonderful Art Adams pieces coming out, and one of them could easily find its' way to my home this year.

10.  Barry Windsor-Smith. It is always a good year when I get a new BWS piece, and I have plans to do just that this week! So that goal should be met shortly, but like the Tony Harris Starman acquisitions, the goal remains. I am this close to emailing BWS Studios and getting another time payment plan going. Hmmm. that's a freakin' great idea, and since, I am on number ten I guess I can think that over a bit more. (They like you to have your shit together at BWS Studios, at least as far as I can tell.)

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