Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 Original Comic Art Collecting Goals, Part One

Before I make goals for the coming year, I think it wise to reflect on last year's goals. If you look at my goal's for 2013 and add up the amount of money required to buy pieces from each of the ten wants you will see how unrealistic I was. However, I did manage to secure a few of the 10 goals.

I got my first Frank Miller.

I got another page from Tomb of Dracula 44, but failed to acquire the splash to Dr. Strange 14. Still a win.

And last but not least I got the cover to the Cerebus issue of Mars Attacks by Dave Sim. I didn't even realize that I had put that in the want list until re-reading it. I also got a piece of The Strange Death of Alex Raymond for which I owe a "Thank You" letter to Dave Sim. Really gotta write that letter.

So three pieces out of ten. Pretty awesome if you ask me. No, I did not get a Prince Valiant panel or full strip. I did not get an Alex Raymond or a Winsor McKay. I did not get a Starman cover for the first time in years. I did not even get many Harris Starman pages, if any at all. I certainly did not get the PCR Dr. Strange spread of my dreams or any Harris Dr. Strange Flight of Bones pages. But those will probably be on next year's list, which is coming, eventually.

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