Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Fifty - Barry Windsor-Smith Weapon X

This could be the most valuable page in my collection. But it is special to me not for its' monetary value but for the sheer beauty and artistry of the page. Ladies and gentlemen, page 7 from Chapter 2 of Barry Windsor Smith's epic Wolverine origin story, Weapon X!

Barry Windsor-Smith Weapon X Chapter 2 page 7

This is such a great page, art AND story. You have the previously vicious but now sedated and subdued Wolverine and the scientists central to his creation expressing their true ignorance of what a unique patient they have with their current Weapon X subject. The linework on the page, especially on the Wolverine panels,is amazing. (The figure in panel two looks straight out of the Trimpe/BWS Machine Man series.) Wolverine in the tank is an iconic and unforgettable image and you can see why on this page. The images are mesmerizing: tubes, wires, and futuristic technology supporting and evolving the primitive and bestial figure of Wolverine.

I love it. It was one of the first pieces I had framed when I first envisioned The Fifty. It hangs proudly about six feet in front of me, 2 o'clock high, and it is beautiful.

The Fifty
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