Thursday, April 10, 2014

Frames of the Faltine, or The Dr. Strange MegaWall!

Okay, maybe I went a little far here. ;-) I have a master plan in mind for the framing and displaying of my comic art and figured why not do it right from the start. There was a temptation to space things about the room until I have more art before I really concentrate things, but.......nah!

Some of the photos did not turn out so well, but here is one of the other two newly framed pieces.

This is a commission from Paul Smith. It is in a frame that housed a Starman page, from issue 8, when I bought it. But this week I had that nondescript page switched out for this commission and I think it looks great. That is on the upper left in the group photo. Below it is a page from Dr. Strange issue 170, one of two I currently own. I will probably have that other page from 170 framed and placed on this wall and move the PMS piece at that time to a solo location, but for now it looks great with the other Doc pieces.

The middles piece has been framed for a while and is one of the jewels of my collection. Tony Harris WIRED magazine cover. Large and in charge, that's for sure!!!

I think the two pages from 170 would look nice together here because on the right side I have 2 pages from Tomb of Dracula 44 by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer. The bottom one is about an inch larger in the frame than the other pieces, so that proved problematic on the wall. Then you can add to that fact the fact that the framers attached the wires on the interior page (as opposed to the splash above) slightly higher than they did on all the other framed pieces and its gets really tricky. But they look alright together I think, no?

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