Saturday, April 5, 2014

Thoughts on Permanency of Pieces in The Fifty

It is funny, as I mentioned recently the idea of The Fifty had been on the back burner for a while as I focused more on the culling necessary to get there. But looking at the pieces in The Fifty it is a bit embarrassing to admit that I have, even recently, considered selling some of these very pieces. HAH! Permanent Collection indeed!

When I first wrote about The Fifty I did mention that the designation was not absolute and could change. But I am surprised at how fickle my tastes are that pieces I would place in The Fifty just a short time ago were considered for sale not long after. This is not to say that all of them are for sale. At least 10 of that 18 are indeed absolute as far as I am concerned right now. But many of the others, not so much. That is why, along with the $100 price tag per piece, that all of the 18 pieces now in The Fifty are not yet framed. The six currently framed, and the two others on order, are not going anywhere anytime soon. Not if I have control of the situation at least. But the commissions seem to have less sway on me at present, even if the PMS may also get a quick switch with another framed piece soon as well if I can pull it off. I mean, that commission is not going anywhere.

At least not now. ;-)

By the way, I don't say it often or enough, but I am blessed to be able to afford this type of thing and to have a wife and family that indulges me my indulgence.

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Jim S. said...

Ha, so #11-18 are open for offers ;)