Saturday, May 24, 2014

Half-Birthday Mega Sale Through ???

Last year on my birthday I had a large 100+ item sale on my wife's website...go to for all your website needs. Since then I have larger sold through Comic Link, the cgc boards and a lately I went back to ebay for a few BIN auctions. However, ebay recently stopped the free BIN auctions, which is too bad as I was doing well selling some things there with the Buy-It-Now format.  My wife has a nice tradition of celebrating half-birthdays, so I thought I could just try a half-birthday not-quite-mega sale and see how that does for a bit.

If you have any interest, here are the simple terms - check or money order preferred; $12 s/h charge in the US, $40 most elsewhere. Any inquiries or orders may be sent to my email at or you can leave comments here on the blog - I will see them. Offers considered and time payment terms available.

Here we go.

John Beatty 11x17 $50

John Beatty 11x17 $100

John Beatty 11x17 $175

Dustin Weaver 9x12 $250

I will certainly be adding items on Sunday and maybe even Monday, so please check back for any edits. I will also take down SOLD items should I be so lucky, so if you see it, it is still for sale unless I have yet to read the email.

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