Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Current Original Comic Art Want List!

I have been quite antsy lately, putting out a bunch of feelers on original art but not pulling the trigger on anything. In fact, I have inquired without purchasing once again with an artist and I am concerned it will impact my ability to (not?) purchase in the future. But I just couldn't make the commitment, on the piece with that artist or on a few others. The reasons are varied...with the artist I have sent inquiries on two or three occasions now over the last 3 years or so and each time I ask for the availability of 5-7 pieces and end up with only one choice when I get their reply. And that lone offering was $6500 last time and a different piece was $4500 this time. I think in the past I may have felt obliged to purchase after pursuing the information and going through multiple communications with the studio rep but I now trust that feeling in my gut. My accurately I should say I trust the lack of feeling in my gut...if the price is over about $1500 I'd better feel good about it. And these pieces, while stunning, just didn't make me giddy at the thought of owning them. Well, the $6500 one would but that is just too much for me now with a trip to Hawaii next month. That would be my biggest purchase ever and I am going there soon, just not today.

I have also negotiated with Burkey and will target a page from Los Bros Donnelly at the comic art con. Both of those pages have a strong chance of being my two major purchases for the year. I am so close on closing with Mike but will put it off until after Hawaii in case the wife and I go crazy out there in paradise and I spend my summer cash. The Donnelly Brothers are always a challenge to close the deal, but it seems that the comic art con increases those chances favorably.

So with that in mind, I thought I would update my beginning of the year OA want list. I will keep it to the items on the top of my head and not feel the need to go to 10. The PCR Doc dps is a given, but otherwise...

1.  Art Adams page - I loved the page auctioned recently with Dani in Asgard and have my eye on a page I think may do it for me at last. I have owned Art Adams art in the past, some nice things, but nothing from back in the day. Monkeyman & O'Brien, the Authority, Campbell's soup prelim, etc. An older page would be nice and go on the wall quickly.

2.  BWS - Whether it is Storyteller pages direct from BWS Studio or pages on the open market I want to get some BWS somewhere along the line. Soon.

3.  Mignola Starman art - 'nuff said

4. Mignola Triumph and Torment pages - These seem to be shaking loose. I will likely give a go at the one coming up at Clink or HA or whatever, but don't doubt that you will see a few more shake loose since they have hit the 1K mark consistently.

5.  Tony Harris Dr. Strange Flight of Bones - will trade Starman, maybe multiple pages, and will also pay cash for any Harris Doc pages. Let's do this already!

6. Bill Everett Doctor Strange page - This is the hidden gem I am hoping to find. This or one by Marie Severin, but an Everett page would be sweet. I expect this to happen in about three years but am always on the lookout for a miracle to come sooner.