Monday, December 15, 2014

Vess piece now framed

I have had the Charles Vess piece framed and it is now hanging in the stairwell on the way down to the room where the rest of my framed art hangs.

I have since been told that the image was published in an issue of Realms of Fantasy. That is funny as my wife is a subscriber but I do not think she saves the issues. The source of that info is being very helpful and is trying to locate the specific issue. What a guy, he doesn't even know me; I just reached out to him online!

Anyway, the house is shaping up tremendously now with about 25 pieces framed and 5 or so more with frames on order. Now my wife says to me that she wants some of her things on the walls! What have I done? Cross-stichery abounds already, and more is apparently onthe way. but that is okay because we got an excellent Toulouse Latrec print framed for the bedroom and I have another framed surprise coming her way at Christmas!

Another facotr in all this is that my comic art collection is in tremendous flux. I have sold or traded over a dozen Tony Harris Starman pages and overall reduced my collection by about 80-100 pieces in the last two months. But I have also purchased some amazing things with some of that money and have also put about $1000 into frames during that time. It is daunting but exciting and I encouraged anyone with hundreds of pieces of comic art to consider trading a bunch of them for fewer but more valuable pieces; that is what I have done and what I intend to continue doing. I traded convention sketches, small commissions, less-than-exciting published pages, and a few things I just could not sell for a dozen really nice pieces from the dealer's collection. Some of these I intend to keep (the Vess is among these) and most I intend to sell for art money or trade again for better things.

If anyone out there wants to do it yourself I am happy to offer my advice about how to maximize your experience, at least with the dealers I am dealing with. I will admit to having a dealer give me a credit commission for anyone that trades with him that was referred by me; so if you go a-trading based on my experience please tell them I sent you! Or feel free to email me first and I can tell you how I priced my items and what mistakes I made! It was/is a blast for me and I encourage others to trade the things they are tired of looking at for some newer and nicer things.

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