Friday, August 10, 2012


This post is another one of those "what a great piece of art I just bought" posts. They are getting more and more common, and what a wonderful happenstance that is. Costly, but wonderful. So this week I got two Starman pages, one by matt Smith and the other by Richard Pace. But what really tickled my fancy was finally getting this:

art by Kevin Nowlan, with layout/idea by Carl Potts

Published in 1987, Strange Tales was right in my Dr. Strange college wheelhouse along with The Michael Golden portfolio, Triumph & Torment (Mignola and Badger on art), and Into Shamballa (Dan Green, watercolors, on the gorgeous art). Although this isn't my favorite piece of art by Kevin Nowlan featuring Dr. Strange, or even of Doc by Carl Potts!, it is a really strong piece of art that really adds nicely to my collection. Slowly but surely it is getting better, more classy as it were. Yeah, that's the ticket...classy comic art. With demons of course. And Mr. Jip!

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