Wednesday, December 12, 2012

new Gene Colan Dr. Strange page

I got a new page in the mail today. Dr. Strange 38 page 22 by Gene Colan and Dan Green. Now I used to own a few Gene Colan pages that I had purchased directly from Gene and Adrienne at a con in NYC, but along the way I sold them. You see, I love Dr. Strange but my personal favorites on art would be Frank Brunner, Paul Smith, and Michael Golden. (Steve Ditko is in a class all his own, so I left him out. Stylistically I am not a fan of Asian Doc, but the Ditkoverse and the page layouts are a thing of beauty. Art in the true sense.).But Gene Colan was a little before my time. But recently I have been looking for pages from a few specific issues and they all have Gene Colan really doing stellar work..

This page is not from one of those issues.

I bought this page when I saw it while looking for those other pages.

Gene Colan / Dan Green Dr. Strange 38 page 22
I bought this page primarily for the good stuff and despite the...well...the rest. I will leave it to you to decide how "good" this page is, and it has its' storytelling flaws. But coloring IS missing, so maybe that helped. I like it for the first and last panels, obviously, and for the inclusion of Clea, who is always fun to see on the page.

I am really happy to have this page in my collection. It scratched an itch, and will tide me over until I finish my time payments on a sweet Colan / Palmer splash. This is a real obvious example of me moving better pieces into my collection at the expense of selling tons of smaller pieces, which I have been doing on ebay on and off for the last 2-3 months. I think it is a good direction to be headed.

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