Monday, August 12, 2013

The Fifty - Promethea Enters My Permanent Art Collection

As evidenced by my last post, I am reassessing my comic art collection. I will have children in college in a few years and will be hitting the half-century even before that. I have about 600 pieces of original comic art. I want fewer pieces, better pieces, and that is nothing new.

So I will accumulate The Fifty. Fifty pieces of art that will hopefully be in my collection when I die on my 100th birthday, 11/29/2066. It will have been a sweet life.

Now a few things must certainly be addressed. I have over 100 Starman pages and they are not going anywhere. Tony Harris Starman and Dr. Strange Flight of Bones will not be part of this equation. But otherwise my art will generally fall into two categories: The Fifty and everything else. And woe to any pieces on the wrong side of the tracks. Should the train come along they could well find themselves swept away in the momentum. It has happened already to many of their comrades in ink.

And pieces can leave The Fifty. Comic art collecting is a fickle and fluid pursuit. But until yesterday I had never had a piece leave the fold and then return.

Promethea written by Alan Moore with art by JH Williams 3rd and Mick Gray

I think its' imminent return is cause for a declaration of loyalty, so it is now a member of The Fifty. I never should have sold it and am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to rectify that poor decision.

More from The Fifty later.

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