Monday, September 2, 2013

Anna Merli and The Fifty

I love this piece.

wonderful Anna Merli commission of Clea, lover and disciple of Stephen Strange

Enrico Salvini and Red Sector Art facillitated this commission from Anna Merli. Anna does not do many superhero(ine) commissions but was willing to take on Clea. All I told her was the character, and she produced this wonderful piece. It is small but still found a place in my heart immediately. I love it. Clea on her wedding bed awaiting the good doctor as he locks the doors, casting spells of protection and privacy perhaps.

I am pretty sure it is watercolor. It is sexy and sweet and true to character and adult and yet clean and honest. Did I tell you that I love this piece?

So to me this may come as a bit of a surprise, that this commission places in The Fifty. Well, it is no surprise to me. Yes, I did not initially think of this piece for The Fifty. Until, that is, until I saw it in my search through my CAF for pieces to include in The Fifty. As soon as I saw it I knew it belonged.

It is a masterful work of whimsy, beauty, and character. It is of the best of the best. Of course it belongs in The Fifty.

The Fifty
1  BWS Storyteller Young Gods page 4
2  Simon Bisley Dr. Strange vs The Mindless Ones 2007 commission
3  Dan Green Dr. Strange: Into Shamballa splash
4  Bill Sienkiewicz Superman 400 pinup recreation
5  Anna Merli Clea commission
 JH Williams 3rd / Mick Gray Promethea 24 double page spread
7  Rudy Nebres - commission Doctor Strange comes upon Dracula & The Scarlet Witch

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