Friday, November 15, 2013

Ah, What The Heck! Feed The Fifty Preview now LIVE!

I decided that the pictures were up and I may as well give people time to decide if they want something so the preview is now live.

The sale website was designed by, and is hosted on, BGW Designs - my wife's web design company. She kicks ass during the day as a web designer for Rutgers University, yeah bigtime stuff and everything! Go Woman Go!, and does some freelance stuff as well. She does work and then they ask her to repair the other people's work, she is that good. So I think it may be what I want it to be for the sale, although I am not finished labeling things and may even post some more art. (It seems silly at this point as I cannot possibly expect to sell anything much less everything? I have more Starman pages I would sell and expected to offer for sale but no longer the enthusiasm to scan fresh and post and everything.) I may even record some audio to be triggered when you click on items, but am not sure if the enthusiasm will be there for that either.

So, in any event, the preview is live. I have definite needs for this money and actually think it could change my life if I sold all these pieces. I could free myself of debt, free at last. If I could use small amounts of money, represented by each drawing accumulated over the last decade(s!, and now blast my debt to hell I would be eternally grateful to you all and the higher power that made it happen. We can all hope, but I hope to at least sell a few pieces and pay a few bills. Plus a surprise for the wife is in order as well, but she reads this here blog (she loves her man after all!) so enough of that.

Take Care and Be Well Everyone. Comics Good. Money Good.

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