Thursday, November 28, 2013

Andy MacDonald

I am a huge fan of artist Andy MacDonald. Anyone who knows me knows that right now I am selling art in my Feed the Fifty sale which goes off tomorrow. I hope it goes off at least, but I have sold enough in the presale for it to be a success already.

But in thinking about the sale I have been thinking about my Starman pages, as noted in the last post I made. now as I was setting up this year's sale I was aware that I had to have some stuff to sell next year as well. I couldn't just bust out the unsold stuff from this year and hope people have come around in their thinking on how wonderful that missed art was; I need some new stuff. So that has been in the back of my mind lately.

Then this morning I read a forum post online about buying art from lesser known artists. Who knows, maybe it will even appreciate in value. And that got me thinking about Andy MacDonald.

I first became aware of Andy at the old church conventions in NYC that turned into the Penn Plaza Pavilion shows. Somewhere along the way there I became aware of someone else prowling the aisles at these shows, artist and geekboypress founder Louie LaPalombara. He was carrying an X-Men piece that he was having some guy I never heard of (guess who?) draw one character at a time. The characters looked great to me, recognizeable but utterly unique and distinctive, each one different and wonderful.

Searching on line revealed this piece, which may be it.

Lifted from CAF gallery of Louie LaPalombara III
I loved this piece. It looks like 2006 was the year I got my first sketches from Andy MacDonald and it is no surprise that Starman and Dr. Strange were both added to my CAF in early April 2006. here is the Straman (Doc is tiny for some reason and I have to rescan it sometime in the future).

I now have about 45 pieces by Andy. Here are a few of my favorites from my CAF gallery.

Andy does Batman particularly well. Here are some nice examples.

He enjoys drawing Predator too, I think you can tell.

So at some point I had to get some commissions. I started innocently enough with the Inhumans, but soon lost control.

I knew i had to get some Starman commissions too. So I conceived of a series of commissions that would eventually have Andy draw the entirety of the Starman universe. I have had three done so far.

First was all the Starmen. Jack plus seven other characters became the template.

Since the supporting cast of Starman was so rich, I decided to get jack and his heroic friends next.

Now of course I needed the villains. Andy put everything I asked for into it and I love it as much as anything else he has done for me. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be scanned at the moment and time is tight. HA!

I don't know what will happen with Andy MacDonald's art career. I missed him at this year's NYCC, I hope he returns to the area soon and starts drawing for me again. But those art selfish thoughts; more importantly I hope wherever he is that he is drawing all day long with a giant smile on his face.

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