Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feed The Fifty sale days away! I'm getting nervous!

Okay, let's get this out of the way immediately...


That is the link to the Feed The Fifty First Annual 11/29 Birthday sale that commences Friday, 11/29. Hence that part of the title. The 11/29 part, there is no Friday part. Obviously the 11/29 part.

It is just a few days until I go live and pricing has been on my mind. It couldn't help to mention that the Starman pages will be priced slightly above market value on the ones that may have comps that have sold for less than $100. The Byrd pieces come to mind. They won't be priced highly, but I am not selling my collection here. At least where the Starman pages and covers are concerned. I am not pricing them high, but am not having a fire sale. There is no reason for me to sell pages from the main title for under $100. Under $200? Yes, I will sell many pages for under $200 and most for under $300 - like the Heath page from Starman 74 I sold. Most under $300, but not all (Buckingham? Conner? C'MON!) If you are a collector who has tried to buy Starman pages you probably know that I have been buying them for a long long time. So when I put these up for sale here, it is to offer you a chance at some long lost gems.

The same with the covers.I will die a happy man on 11/29/2066 if The Fifty consists of 50 painted Tony Harris Starman covers! So when I offer these for sale, know that it is just this weekend and only now and for these prices. Not high, nothing like the $5500 I saw on one dealer's site. but they have to be over $2000, at least these two, and one of them I consider a significantly better cover than the Robinson that sold on ebay recently for almost $3k. So make of that what you will.

As for the other items for sale, well...yes, I am selling off much of my collection. But I do not expect it all to sell, even if much of it will be priced under $100. But do not confuse my selling for a diminished desire to collect or accumulate art. I got the email today that I have been anticipating since I first looked at Mitch's NYCC booth...my piece was shipped and is due for delivery tomorrow! I do not expect to be available to sign for it until Friday believe it or not, although perhaps I will drive 35 minutes each way tomorrow night.

I expect to open it Friday on my birthday either way. You know what? I will be driving carefully until then!

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