Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Fifty - Barry Windsor-Smith Enters My Permanent Art Collection

After making a gallery room for The Fifty and putting the JHW3/Mick Gray spread from Alan Moore's Promethea therein, I looked over my collection. I have about a dozen pieces that would be in The Fifty right now. This is quite possibly #1 on the list. It won't be the only BWS in The Fifty, you can count on that!, but it may be the best.

Young Gods 1 page 4 splash from Barry Windsor-Smith's Storyteller

Now that is fine comic art there, yessirreeBob!

And because it is kind of fun, I will assign numbers. these numbers will change over time as The Fifty gains, and possibly loses, members.

1. BWS STORYTELLER: Young Gods 1 page 4 splash
2. PROMETHEA 24 pages 10/11 double page spread

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